Mark and Dylyn Harrison

Why did you get into fostering?
We were at an art show and saw the artwork and thought it was an awesome idea. We bought items from HART for about a year or two and then moved into a house so we could start to foster. We both love dogs but I wasn't ready to have one of my own yet. This way we could meet lots of different dogs and eventually foster find :)

Which hart dogs have you fostered?
We started just over a year ago with Dahlia from September - November, 2015. Marnie from November - March, 2016. Litta from December 2015 to forever <3 (Foster Fail/Find). Fluffy from April - June 2016. Finally (and currently) Alia from June 2016.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of fostering?
Seeing the dogs progress and finding the perfect family for each. We haven't had them for long, but it is super awesome to see them all happy and flourishing. Also, finding our dog Litta and seeing her come out of her shell with each dog we foster has been amazing. She definitely found us.

When Individuals think it will be too much work or too emotional taxing , what feedback to you have for them?
Just remember that without foster homes, they dogs are left outside. It is always hard when we find the right fit family for each dog, but thankfully we have been able to become friends with each home and get to see the dogs grow up. It's hard, but the love you see in their new families is worth every tear.

If your foster dog(s) could speak, what would they say?
That we are the best foster homes ever, obviously. Litta would tell mom to back off and stop hugging her. Alia would probably say she only reacts to other dogs so we will distract her with treats. They love their treats!! We think they would also say thank you to everyone who supports HART, as every foster dog is a family victory for HART. It's all a new beginning for them and we think each dog that we've had would say we did ok (most of the time at least). Haha.

Additional comments?
We could never put in to words how incredibly thankful we are for the ability to foster some amazing dogs and build amazing relationships with some pretty incredible people. Just being part of the HART family has been wonderful, and the people just add another level of feel good power. We love each person and dog we've come across, and could not be more thankful and humbled to be part of the family <3. You are all so FABULOUS!!