Mandy Rich

Why did you get into fostering?
To give these amazing dogs a second chance at life. Give them love that they may have never had before and show them what life is supposed to be like. 

Which hart dogs have you fostered?
Princess, Chubbers & her puppies 

What has been the most rewarding aspect to fostering? 
When your foster dog finds their forever home and gets to be part of a family. Knowing that opening our home to these dogs temporarily gives them a chance at a great life. 

When individuals think it will be too much work or too emotionally taxing, what feedback do you have for them?
I wouldn't disagree and say that it is not both those things, but the reward is so great that it is absolutely worth it. 

If your foster dog(s) could speak, what do you think they would say to you?
You have saved me from a life of the unknown and given me the greatest give of all, love and compassion. Thank You! I will never forget you xxxxooooo