Mike & Lorraine Stewart

Why did you get into fostering?
We wanted to provide a good 'starter home' for stray dogs and we believe that rescue dogs make great pets.

Which hart dogs have you fostered?
Jan, Keely, Coco, Topaz

What has been the most rewarding aspect to fostering?
We enjoy providing a loving environment for the dogs.  And it is so rewarding seeing the progress that the dogs make as they become comfortable with their surroundings and feel safe. 

When individuals think it will be too much work or too emotionally taxing, what feedback do you have for them?
It is mentioned often by others that they could never give the dogs up for adoption, but our philosophy is that if we can provide them with 2-3 months of care and attention and love, they will find a home that is right for everyone.  We never think of the foster dogs as our dogs - they are ours to support and love until their home is found. 

If your foster dog(s) could speak, what do you think they would say to you?
Thanks for the love and care!