Andrea Willier

Why did you get into fostering?
I was in the Bahamas, and dogs were running around scrawny and scavenging. How the dogs are treated there made me sad and made me want to do something to help them. I can not be there to help those dogs, but I can do something to help the dogs that we do have here.

Which hart dogs have you fostered?
Hans Solo

What has been the most rewarding aspect to fostering?
Watching Hans go from being Mr. scardie pants - wanting to hide in a corner and go unnoticed to playing,  wagging tail, having fun, cuddling and just being a normal dog! What amazes me the most is that Hans and my current dog play all the time. My dog NEVER plays and usually does not get along well with other dogs, but Hans Solo has really brought MY dog out of HIS shell.

When individuals think it will be too much work or too emotionally taxing, what feedback do you have for them?
I have a three year old, another dog,  go to school,  and have lots of other things going on.  I was a little nervous that maybe it would be too much to foster, but honestly there is no extra strain. He just gets thrown into the mix... I feed him, let him out, (which i was doing anyways for my other dog), and give him a pat on the head here and there and in return I have seen him grow into a more confident,trusting and happy dog. Maybe my next foster wont be as easy as Hans Solo has been, but I know Hart is always right there if you run into any kind of situation, whether it be for  supplies, grooming, health, training, behavior, or just common questions.  I wish I had that kind of help when I was raising my first dog!

If your foster dog(s) could speak, what do you think they would say to you?
Thanks for teaching me how to be a dog again!