where does the money go?

Rescue Initiatives

Top: Garcia was rescued in hart's humane trap.
Bottom: Gala was rescued and carried to safety by a volunteer.

Medical Treatments

Top: Ellie was rescued with severe injuries and skin issues but has since been adopted.
Bottom: Spike was rescued with extensive injuries and required a leg amputation.

Behavioral Rehabilitation

Top: Cola is currently in hart's behavioral program for his dog reactivity.
Bottom: Guinness is in hart's behavioral program for his lack of human socialization.

Foster Home Resources

Top: Decker is enjoying a toy and a comfortable bed thanks to donors.
Bottom: Jellybean is modelling her bright red harness thanks to donors.

Spay and Neuter initiatives

Top: Unwanted litter that was rescued from under an abandoned building.
Bottom: A pack of wild stray dogs roaming a rural community.