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What is a hart+ dog?
A hart+ dog is a dog that is adoptable but has special training needs.  Some of these special training needs may be resolved quickly in the right home, some may require ongoing work, and some may require lifelong training. To ensure that hart+ dogs receive the additional supports they require when they move to their furever homes, hart will take extra steps through the adoption process. The right home exists for all hart+ dogs.

How will hart find the right home for hart+ dogs?
The hart+adoption program uses a modified adoption process that is designed to ensure that the potential adopter is aware of the special training needs of the dog. The potential adopter will work closely with both the foster home and the trainer working with the hart+ dog to ensure the appropriate transfer of information, strategies, and skills to maximize the chances of a successful and lifetime adoption for that hart+ dog. The modified adoption process will be as follows:

Step 1: Adoption Application

Step 2: Phone Screening

  • You will be contacted by a member of hart's Behaviour Team to complete a phone screening. This is an opportunity to discuss your application, share information about the behavioural needs of the hart+ dog, and determine whether there is a potential for a good match between you and the hart+ dog.

Step 3: Meeting the Foster Parent, hart+ Dog, and Trainer/Behaviouralist

  • Once the phone screening is complete, the foster parent for the hart+ dog will contact you to set up a time to discuss the hart+ dog, preferably by phone.
  • You will then arrange to meet the foster parent and the hart+ dog in-person. If appropriate, the trainer/behaviouralist working with the hart+ dog may also be present at this first meeting.

Step 4: Graduated Home Visits

  • If the first in-person meeting goes well, you will have graduated home visits with the hart+ dog. hart reserves the right to modify the graduated home visit process according to the needs of the specific hart+ dog. Generally, there will be a minimum of three home visits as follows:
    • One 3 to 4 hour day or evening (not overnight) visit.
    • One overnight visit.
    • One 3 to 4 day visit.

Step 5: Continued Sessions with hart+ Dog and Trainer/Behaviouralist

  • Throughout the graduated home visits, you may be asked to continue to attend sessions with the trainer/behaviouralist working with the hart+ dog.

Step 6: Finalizing the Adoption and Post-Adoption Training

  • Adoption may only be approved when all of these steps have been completed.
  • You will attend one or two post-adoption sessions with the trainer/behaviouralist.
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