What Did I Do?

When I was just a puppy you brought me home with a kitten as a sister.  We had so much fun.  We cuddled together.  You smiled and laughed at us.  You fed us lots of great tasting food.  We had toys to play with. 

One day you put me outside.  I was by myself and my kitten friend was inside.  You said that you could not afford to have us both.  I tried to get back in the house.  You got angry with me and told me to be quiet. 

As I watched you come and go from the house, I was very sad.  We didn't cuddle anymore.  You weren't smiling at me anymore.  I didn't get anymore great tasting food.  I got cold when the snow fell. 

I started to wonder around because I was lonely and hungry.  Some people were friendly and I felt good when I was around them.  But some other people were not friendly.  They scared me. 

One day I felt a sudden pain in the back of my neck as one of those scary people hit me.  I don't know what it was but it hurt so much.  No one would help me.  Finally the bleeding stopped but it was stinging  for so long.  I just kept hoping it would go away. 

I met a new friendly person who said I deserved a better life.  He smelled good.  He was kind.  I liked him.  He put me in a weird contraption and I could feel that I was moving but I wasn't walking.  I was pretty scared. 


He introduced me to a couple more people.  They were very happy people.  It was kind of strange because they touched me all over and I heard them gasp when they touched my stingy area. 


Their voices got a little angry and I thought that I had done something wrong until I looked up and saw tears in their eyes.  I am not sure why they were crying so I wagged my tail.  This made them smile through their tears.  Later that night I fell asleep on the girl's lap.  All of my fear and loneliness disappeared.  It felt good.


I went to see a doctor who fixed my stingy area.  Guess what, it doesn't sting anymore. 


I get to live inside and I have a doggie friend to spend my time with now.  Best of all is that I am meeting all sorts of new humans.  And they are gentle and fun. 


I don't know what I did wrong to make you cast me aside.  I don't know what I did wrong to make you hit me. 

I hope I didn't make those mistakes again because I feel so safe and loved now. 


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