Small Pleasures

Think big thoughts but relish in small pleasures. 

As a dog rescuer, I want to save them all.  However this is not possible.  That realization alone is the single most frustrating part of spending all your spare time rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs in need. 

To keep going, you need to reframe your thoughts to celebrate the victories that we work so hard for. 

Here are some of my small pleasures recently:

Seeing Subway comfortable in front of a fireplace in the cold of winter when he has never before known the warmth of a home.  It makes me smile to know that by participating in his rescue, intake and placement he is now in a home where he will be forever without a care from the cold.   


Seeing a promise through that Harold the stray dog would find a better life.  The fellow that had been feeding Harold cared so deeply for the dog that he helped us capture him and sent him along with us to live furever with creature comforts.    


To pet Henrietta.  Upon rescue, Henrietta was so afraid that she was unresponsive.  She spent the first period of time in her foster home observing the world around her, but not interacting with it.  Her foster parents are working daily with her to increase her confidence and it is definitely working.  She is beginning to understand that human touch can be soft and comforting instead of scary.   


Having the opportunity to update hart's display materials so that we can keep spreading the word about dogs in need and how everybody can make a difference. 

Pet Expo Set Up.jpg

When the demands of life start adding up, or the demands of volunteering in dog rescue begin to mount, remember to take a breath and relish in what your efforts have accomplished.  

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