Saying Goodbye


Saying goodbye to your furever friend is one of the hardest things to do.  When this happens, we are left carrying a set of complex emotions:  joy remembering our time together, love for our companion and grief over the loss of our friend. 

This is how we feel about Kalie. 

When Kalie came into hart's care, we did not know how much time she had.  She was already considered a geriatric dog and was experiencing health issues.  She had been abandoned by her original owner and was overall in a bad state.  While not our typical rescue, we committed to giving her the best time of her life.  Through our tears upon meeting Kalie, we promised to give her love and respect like she had never known. 

Within the first few weeks after placement, Kalie began acting like a different dog.  She gained strength, her balance improved, she was more alert and she began to do her happy dance. 

She became part of a new pack with much younger dogs and she enjoyed the play time.  Even more, she enjoyed her cuddle time.  Kalie was likely cuddled more during the last year and half than through her whole previous life. 

In early December though, the glint in Kalie's eyes started to fade.  The health issues that we were able to keep controlled since her arrival were taking hold.  Kalie was near the end of her journey here on earth. 

With the patience, love and treatment of her foster mom, Kalie lived longer than we expected and a fuller life we imagined for her.  Kalie had many car rides, many off leash adventures, excellent tasty treats and best of all, Kalie experienced a powerful love.  She was loved not only by her foster mom, but her extended family and all of her friends. 

While Kalie is now spending her time at the rainbow bridge, I can smile at the memory of Kalie running down the street (at her own pace mind you) with the rest of her pack.  For all of you who knew Kalie, please also take a moment and remember her with a smile.  


This beautiful message is from her foster mom!


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