Getting A Leg Up


Getting a leg up really means gaining an advantage, a boost or support and this is exactly what happened for Tyson. 

Tyson came into hart's care with a terrible double sided wound on his forearm.  Likely due to being caught in a trap, he sustained deep lacerations to the bone on both sides of his forearm.  A concerned individual tried to help Tyson by placing a bandage over the wound.  Unfortunately, the bandage was applied too tight and not changed so Tyson's forearm became infected and he began to chew at it vigorously.  By the time Tyson was rescued, he had made the original injury much worse.

Upon first examination, it was anticipated that Tyson may lose his leg.  However, the infection needed to be controlled before any course of action.  So while the infection was treated, so too was his paw.  Tyson's wound responded extremely well to this therapy so Tyson received intensive care at the vet for a four week period. 

Instead of losing his leg, Tyson moved into his foster mom's house with a bandage and lot of energy.  His bandage was eventually removed and exercise was reintroduced into his regime.  Within a two month period, Tyson went from almost losing his leg to having almost no scar from his injury. 

Our gratitude goes out to everyone who helped give Tyson a leg up!  

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