Get Snippy - Truth Behind The Myths

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What happens when dogs are not spayed/neutered is that biology takes its course.  Every heat cycle more pups are born.  If there is no one to take care of these pups, they become the innocent victims of the canine overpopulation problem. 

Spaying/neutering is a safe and human method of controlling the overpopulation problem.  Spaying/neutering ensures that every dog is wanted and will be cared for. 

With new partners and new volunteers we have been able to expand our spay/neuter initiatives and will continue to do so.  But why doesn't everyone spay/neuter?  Well, here are some of myths against spay/neuter. 

Myth:  Only females need to be altered. 

The reproduction process takes two and if your male is not neutered, he will try his darndest to find a female mate.  You may not be directly affected, but your inaction will contribute to the overpopulation problem. 

Myth:  Neutering will change a dog's personality. 

The only hormone impacted by a neuter is testosterone, which causes males to roam and protect or mark their territory.  Males will be less likely to fight and roam after a neuter, however that is behavior, not personality.  Personality is formed more by genetics and environment than by sex hormones. 

Myth:  Animals become fat, lazy and unhealthy when neutered. 

Animals become fat and lazy from overeating and lack of exercise.  Neutering allows for better health and a longer life by reducing the risk of infection and cancer in the reproductive system. 

Myth:  A female dog will benefit by having one litter. 

Having a litter can put a female's life at risk from complications that may arise from whelping.  Not to mention the unwanted male attention during her 2 heat cycles per year. 

Myth:  Fixing my dog interferes with nature. 

Domesticated dogs are completely dependent on humans.  It is our responsibility to ensure that they are healthy and cared for.  When you let nature take its course, there are too many dogs for the number of homes available to care for them.  This is not what nature intended. 

Hundreds of unwanted puppies are born each day in Alberta.  Despite rescue efforts, the majority of the overpopulation end up dying of starvation, disease or are killed.

Be part of the solution - spay and neuter.  

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