Don't Shop, Adopt


hart volunteers carry our message of responsible pet ownership everywhere.  Recently, a hart foster parent shared her opinion with the Edmonton Journal in the Letters to the Editor section. 

Many shelters and rescue organizations are overrun with unwanted cats and dogs. There is nothing wrong with these animals but people refuse to step up and adopt them.

Why shop at a pet store or even a reputable breeder when these other animals already need homes?

Pet stores that sell puppies and kittens capitalize on consumer impulsiveness. Bringing a companion animal into your home should not be done on a whim.

So many people expect to take home a puppy and have everything be perfect without putting time, money or effort into training. There are other expenses besides the initial purchase - veterinary care, food, licences and other costs.

You might think you are "rescuing" a puppy or kitten from a pet store, but in giving these stores your money you are supporting them and encouraging them to keep selling animals.

If you are interested in saving animal, adopt one from an organization like Edmonton's Humane Animal Rescue Team or similar groups. These people work hard to find homes for dogs and cats but you hamper their efforts and create hardships for these animals when you buy them from a pet store.

Please don't shop. Adopt.

Kylie Glessing, Edmonton

Thank you for advocating on behalf of all the wonderful adoptable dogs that are awaiting their furever friends with rescue groups or in shelters.  


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