A Dog's Spirit

A dog's spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.   


Imagine a life where you struggle to survive every day. 

You have no home.  No permanent shelter. 

You travel from place to place.

You steal sleep when you feel it is safe. 

You put on many miles to find food.  And when you do, sometimes it makes you sick because really you are feasting on garbage. 

Sometimes you try to fill your belly with twigs, dirt and rocks because you can't find anything else. 

Along the way sometimes there are kind folks who give you some food or a pet. 

But you need to watch, because not all folks are kind.  You have learned the hard way that some people can be very mean and lash out.  You have had things thrown at you, you have been yelled at and you have been kicked away.

Summers are easier because you can lie out on a patch of grass and enjoy the warmth of the sun.  The more summers you see, the better that warmth feels on your aches and pains. 

When the temperature drops, you brace yourself.  You know that snow and freezing nights are ahead. 

Now, imagine this struggle for survival when you have no sight. 

You are completely blind trying to seek shelter from storms. 

You have so vision to tell you when someone is going to strike at you. 

We would like to introduce you to Houdini.  Houdini is a completely blind boy who survived for 5 long years on his own.  With no one to look out for him, he lived the hard life of a stray dog.  Every day and every season was struggle, but his struggles must have been that much harder. 

Despite the hardships that Houdini endured, he has shown such strength of spirit.  He is incredibly affectionate and absolutely loves being around people.  As you can imagine, he is tentative in new environments but has come to trust his handlers. 


Houdini is a symbol of how strong rescue dogs are.  We are privileged to be able to give him a much better future. 


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