The underdogs do it again! - Hope and Faith

Fate had stacked the deck against them.  They were young, they were alone, they were sick.  They had no one looking out for them.  They had no shelter.  They had no food.  Hope and Faith were the underdogs. 

Few people bet on the underdogs because they are predicted to lose.  But this time, because of the dedicated volunteers with hart, you could have placed your bet with Hope and Faith and been a winner - just like them.

All Hope was not lost when she arrived at the vet.  A swollen face, her body covered in bald spots, crawling with lice, she could barely keep her eyes open.  Because of her tiny frame, it was evident to everyone who met Hope that she had not eaten anything nourishing in a very long time.  What she had eaten recently, that worked through her system, were paint chips.  With treatment, medication and lots of support, Hope is the active and healthy little pup she should have always been. 

Incredibly weak with her system on the brink of shut down, Faith spent the first couple of days after her rescue on 24 hour watch at the vet.  Her gums were grey, she was so completely dehydrated and emaciated, she could not even lift her head.  But she started to come around.  First she wagged her tail, then she lifted her head, then she took a drink, then she stood up, then she had a bite of food.  Now, she is bombing around playing, running, jumping and licking anyone that comes close. 

If you have found yourself often cheering for the underdog, come and join us.  We need more help saving the underdogs!


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