Rescue Dog Wish List

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I recently made a few wishes.  I wished

  • that someone could be kind to me and my siblings 
  • that someone could help us after a nasty person poured a tar like substance over us, and
  • that we could all find warmth and comfort to spend the rest of our days in. 

All of my wishes came true!

I know that I may have used up my quota of wishes, but after the awesome people of hart took us in, I learned that this nice group of people could use some items to help more dogs like us. 

So I am wishing really hard that hart can get:

  1. metal and plastic crates that are large and extra large in size to keep us new rescues safe at our foster homes,
  2. credit at their vet partners (General Veterinary Hospital, Charwick Hill Animal Hospital and Westside Animal Clinic) to ensure that all of us are healthy,
  3. gas cards so that it doesn't cost a whole bunch of money for the volunteers who drop what they are doing to drive all over to help dogs like us,
  4. high quality dog treats like dentail chews and training treats (I'm not sure I need to say much more than yumm to explain this)
  5. gift certificates to PetSmart, Walmart, Costco and Canadian Tire to pick up equipment and supplies that help with foster dogs as well as rescues and administration (whatever that is). 


I hope Santa Paws doesn't think I am being greedy by wishing for more.  But I hope that because I am wishing for stuff to help more dogs that my wishes will come true.  


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