Pepper Me With Love

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Pepper me with love and affection

Come on, you can do it.  Just give me a big hug.  Now follow that with another big hug.  Now, let's go for three. 

You see, I am looking for a home where I can get lots of love.  And trust me, I'll return the love by being the best canine companion you could hope for.  I'll give you kisses, I'll take you for walks, we'll go for car rides together and we'll spend quite moments relaxing together.  When there is something to celebrate, we'll do a happy dance together.  When you are feeling down, I'll be at your side, nudging you to make you feel better.  All I want is for us to share our lives. 

I know we'll be good together.  We'll share the good times, and the bad, and maybe we'll even share some of your treats! 

I promise we'll make lots of memories together - just give it a try.  I know you'll be able to Pepper me with lots of love!  


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