Long-Term Foster Care

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Why are some dogs in foster care for so long?


The journey of every rescue is different. Some dogs that we rescue are ready and able to spring into the arms of an adoptive family. Some dogs have endured cruelty or difficult situations and need to learn to trust before they rush into an adoptive home. Some dogs have medical issues that they require treatment for before they can be adopted. hart foster parents offer a range of different supports for each dog based on their own background and requirements.

Jetta is an extreme example of a long-term foster dog. Living in and around Nisku for at least six months, Jetta had been crossing the QEII many times each day. How she avoided the traffic and stayed alive is a testament to her survival skills.

hart received calls from dog lovers travelling to and from the airport regarding "a little black dog" running around loose. This dog would gently take food from generous people, but did not trust to engage in further interaction. Knowing that the temperature was dropping and the speed of traffic in the area, we needed to help somehow. Jetta was so wary, it took three day-long attempts to finally coax her into a safer life.

We do not know how Jetta came to live by the airport, but what we do know is that when introduced to a domestic environment, it all seemed new and frightening for her. Jetta's foster family has invested countless hours working with her, getting her used to a home, human touch and new dogs. Jetta has responded slowly and will eventually meet the right adoptive parent who has experience with fearful dogs and lots of love and patience.

Jetta's journey has involved being in foster placement for over a year. hart is committed to provide care and socialization while we work to find the right match for each rescue dog. Each rescue dog has a unique personality and set of behaviors that need to align with a potential adoptive parent or family. Until that match comes along, hart rescue dogs stay in the safe, comfortable, and loving care of our foster volunteers.


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