hello! I'm Pita.

  • Pita
  • Mixed breed
  • 9 years old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 75 lbs

Energy:  High

Children: Older kids best (I may knock over smaller children with my energy!)      

Dogs:  Proper introduction is required

Cats:  No

About me:  Psssst! You over there! I'm Pita. Are you interested in making me your best friend and giving me a forever home?

I LOVE people! I even like the small humans but my energy sometime is too much for them and I might accidentally knock them over. Other than resembling a bunny rabbit, you can see that I am a gorgeous girl. I am also house-trained, crate-trained, and I love treats, toys, and food - I get excited for everything! I have come such a long way with leash training and I currently get to use a WALKEZEE and head Halti and sometimes, even when I am not wearing those, I will sit when I feel tension on the leash, and wait for an "okay" to continue. Aren't I smart!

Guess what else I know? Basic commands like sit, stay, lay down etc. are a breeze for me AND if you make me your doggy, I might just show off for you and "sit pretty", "speak", "shake a paw" and army crawl! While I can still be picky about who my doggy friends are, I now have LOTS of them! I tend to hold my cards close though, and you may never know if I will like a dog, or not, so it's important that you help me with proper introductions and be confident in reading my signals!

My foster momma says that the perfect forever home for me would have a large fenced yard (a quieter, low traffic area would be best as I do like to bark at sounds through the fence)! And while I do have furry friends now, it would be best if I were the only dog. I tend to guard my food if another dog gets too close, but if they give me my space to eat, I am totally fine. Oh, and I don't like those things they call kitties and I try to chase them so there can't be any of those either, please!

I do have a lot of energy but when I am kept active with daily walks and play time, I also am a really good snoozer. I need a strong and patient momma or daddy (or both!) who will understand my needs especially when it comes to other dogs. If I were to go to a home with no other animals, you wouldn't see me act out at all! Other than my dog selectivity, I am a very well-rounded companion.

Can I come home with you?

Behaviour Notes: Pita's prey drive and energy are both very high. Pita needs a lot of physical and mental work to stay balanced. She needs a home dedicated to working with her for 1-2 hours every day. While she is generally social with other dogs, her energy and body language while greeting causes reactions with other dogs. If the other dog reacts, she will not back down and will get into a fight. Because of this, she needs to wear a muzzle around other dogs until their relationship is well-established. Pita may go to a home with another dog if they are properly introduced and the adopter is a very strong handler.

Health Notes: Pita came into hart's care as a transfer from another rescue. Her history before that is unknown, but she was spayed at the May 2014 Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force clinic in Maskwacis. Pita is in very good condition and her overall health is excellent. Pita is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped. 

Think you have found your furever friend?