Hi! I'm Misty!

  • Misty
  • Mixed breed
  • 4 years old
  • Female

Weight (approx): 50 lbs

Energy:  Medium

Children:    Good

Dogs: Selective

Cats:   Good

About Me:   Hi there, nice to meet you, my name is Misty! I am a loyal dog looking for a loving family. Right now, I am living with my foster parents and some 'siblings' - two cats! It took me about a week to make friends, and now they finally want to hang out in the same room as me. There is also a little person here too and we spend a lot of time together. I like to watch her read, play video games, and nap. I also love to go for walks and spend time in the back yard with my family. If I miss too many days in a row, my rear legs can get a little stiff and I miss all the smells outside. Another perk about me is that I'm really smart. I'll let you know when I have to go do my business outside and I am proud to say that I have never had an accident in the house (I can't say the same for those cat siblings of mine!). My foster parents say I'm good with a "leash" and remember all the things my foster mom taught me…like sit, stay, and shake paws. I must say I have very good manners…. better than a lot of the other dogs I see outside. Sometimes other dogs bark at me when I'm out on a walk, but it doesn't bother me too much. I just keep to myself and don't "bat an eye" (as my foster mom says). Squirrels, however, can be another story. But generally, I am not very loud at all.

I am really looking forward to finding a family to love furever

Behavior Notes:  Misty is a dog that needs love, positive reinforcement, and consistency in her training. She loves playing in the backyard, and as she has started to move around a bit more, her mobility has improved. She loves kids, and trusts them easily. She is getting along better with cats, she leaves them alone and separates the 2 kitties she lives with currently when they get into a scrap. She still has high prey drive, and is still a flight risk. She's a very smart girl and very willing to learn. She is not good with dogs at this time when on walks. Can live with a dog, but needs slow and proper introductions, and several meets. The dog needs to be well-balanced, and not one that would always be in Misty's face as she can be reactive if pushed too far. She would be best in a no dog home.

Health Notes: Misty came into hart's care with an obvious back end injury and was emaciated. Upon examination it was found that she had a broken hip and a bad knee on one side and an injured knee on the other side. A femoral head ostectomy (FHO) which is a procedure that removes the head and neck from the femur was conducted on Misty. Unlike other hip surgeries, the head of the femur is not replaced, but is allowed to heal and develop its own fibrous scar tissue so that the joint is no longer bone-to-bone. Misty initially experienced some stiffness and a paw drag, but has now gained strength and stability. Misty's adoptive parents need to always be vigilant about her weight as dogs who have undergone FHO surgery are required to maintain a lower weight throughout their lives to compensate for the loss of skeletal integrity. Unfortunately, Misty's first adoption did not work out and she came back to hart slightly overweight. Misty's foster parents are working with her to lose the extra weight on an activity program. Misty is up to date on her DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is spayed and microchipped.

Think you have found your furever friend?