Hi! My name is Connie!

  • Connie
  • Mixed breed
  • 11 years
  • Female

Weight (approx): 53 lbs

Energy:  Low

Children:  Good with (likely older) children who can understand her needs

Dogs: Good with calm, well-balanced dogs

Cats: Unknown

About Me:  Hello Everyone! My name is Connie and I'm new to this whole domestic, enjoy life kind of idea, where people actually love me, instead of shooing me away! I'm looking for a retirement home that understand it's sometimes hard for me to learn because I'm older (I'm 11!) but I really do try my best to make you happy and with some patience and understanding, I just know in my heart I could be the best companion you'll ever have. My foster mom says that I communicate (a lot!) through whines and whimpers and do well without using a crate, which is good because I have arthritis. I take medicine to help me manage my pain and discomfort, and even need a little supervision and guidance when I'm in an active mood because I sometimes don't remember how old I am and what my limitations are. I'm also very smart! One of my favorite games is to play 'find the treats hidden in the house' and love to follow up with rolling and digging in the snow. With a little time and love, I just know I can learn the ropes and become your best friend. I think I'm worthy of a new chance at life, do you believe in me?

Behavior Notes:  Sweet  Connie has been showing some dominant behaviors towards visitors and other dogs that come to her foster home through nipping, barking and humping, so right now we are having her foster mom redirect Connie to something more appropriate so she doesn't hurt herself or someone else though treats and toys that are more valuable to her. Through positive reinforcement, treats and praise when she is redirected and starts to redirect herself without human intervention, we hope she will learn to do different behaviors that are appropriate. Also, if she is getting overwhelmed by the new visitors and dogs, to have a little time out in a place away from them so she can relax and chill out, before returning to interact. She acts a lot younger than she really is, so supervision and management to help stay healthy and uninjured is a must.

Health Notes:  This golden girl has captured the hearts of everyone in hart. Her birthdate is predicted to be 2005, and it is apparent that the years have been hard on her.  Connie came to hart as a transfer from a shelter after being an unclaimed stray. Because of her severe osteoarthritis she was not a good fit in kennel environment. X-rays confirmed that Connie has advanced arthritis in both elbows and knees, both sides, front and back. The silver lining here is that her hips and back are in good shape.In addition to her arthritis, Connie has age-related fatty deposits on her abdomen, tartar build up on her teeth and her upper left canine is a grey-ish color (likely the root is dead). Connie's vet has been working diligently to find the right balance of medicine and activity to ease her discomfort. What is working best for Connie right now to ease her joint pain is cartrophen, prednisone, gabapentin, aventi, talwin and glucosamine paired with short walks. During Connie's time with hart she also started to experience a rise in her liver enzymes. The reason for this is not known, but her vet team is also working to keep this in check. Connie loves to go for short walks and adores being outside. Connie is up to date with DACPP, Bordatella, Rabies and is microchipped.  Connie will not be spayed as surgery is considered too risky for her. At this point, Connie is considered medically cleared and her adoptive family will need to realize that she will never 'recover', instead it will be a continuous, ongoing balance of medication and activity to maintain her comfort and quality of life.

Think you have found your furever friend?