adoption process


hart's multi-step adoption process is designed to ensure (as best as possible) that the correct match is being made for each hart dog. For that reason, the foster parent has the final say in approving an adoption as they know the requirements and the personality of their foster dog best. If you have questions about the adoption process or would like to learn more about one of hart's adoptable dogs, please email us or call (780) 455-4278. Please remember that we are all volunteers working toward the same goal of helping as many dogs in need as possible. We will do our best to move you through our process as quickly as we can!

If you are interested in adopting a hart dog, this is the process you will go through:

Step 1: Adoption Application

Step 2: Phone Screening

  • Once your adoption application has been received, you will be contacted by one of hart's Adoption Team members who will set up a time to do a phone screening with you. This is an opportunity to go over your adoption application and discuss hart's adoption process. **Please note that we do our best to get in touch with you within 72 hours of you submitting your application, however we are all volunteers and sometimes this can take longer.**

Step 3: Meeting the Foster Home and hart Dog

  • If you meet the preliminary screening criteria, your contact number and/or email address will be passed along to the foster parent of the dog you're interested in.
  • The foster parent will contact you to set up an initial meeting between you and the hart dog. This meeting may take place at the foster parent's home or somewhere you mutually agree upon, like a dog park. This gives you a chance to meet the hart dog and gives the foster parent a chance to meet you.

Step 4: Home Visit

  • If the foster parent believes that you may be a good match for the hart dog, arrangements are made for a home visit. The home visit is a 3-4 hour visit at your home. The home visit takes place during the day, never overnight. All members of your household (human and pet) must be present. This gives you a chance to see how the dog fits in with your home and family and gives the foster parent the opportunity to see the home in which the dog would live. The foster parent will deliver the hart dog to your home. The foster parent reserves the right to cancel the home visit at any time (including when they first arrive at your home) if they believe circumstances warrant cancellation.
  • After the home visit, the hart dog is returned to the foster parent and permanent adoption may be discussed by you and the foster parent.

Step 5: 24 Hour Cooling Off Period

  • There is a mandatory 24 hour cooling off period after the home visit to give you and the foster parent time to determine whether the hart dog would be a good fit in your home. 

Step 6: Finalizing the Adoption

  • If both you and the foster parent agree to move forward with the adoption, arrangements can be made to finalize the adoption. You will be asked to sign an adoption contract. You will also be asked to pay the adoption fee of $425 at this time. All hart dogs are spayed/neutered in order to help control the population of unwanted dogs. The adoption fee covers the cost of this procedure, as well as all other shots and immunizations the dog received when taken in by hart. Should your dog not be altered upon the adoption, arrangements are made to have the surgery scheduled once the dog is mature and hart will cover the costs of the alteration.

Enjoy a long and happy life with your hart dog!