K911 Inc. | 780-935-6300 |

Company Profile: Obedience training is the foundation on which pack leadership is built. While teaching your dog to follow your direction, you gain their respect and attention. Our training techniques include motivation, praise, and correction, maintaining clear expectations for your dog. Your dog will quickly develop an enthusiasm to work for you and view training as a fun experience and will soon look forward to each training session. We tailor solutions to your specific needs. Specializing in canine behavior, we can help you throughout your dog's life, from selecting a puppy, to correcting aggression, barking, and other behavioral problems, to obedience, off-leash, and service and protection training.

Support: K911 provides behavioral assistance to hart's tough behavioral cases. 


Waggy Tails | 780-486-6222 |

Company Profile: At Waggytails, we offer extensive services and commitment following our simple philosophy: Dogs are remarkable beings which bring us invaluable joy and love; we owe them the respect and care befitting their position in the world and in our lives. We offer doggy daycare, overnight camp, grooming, training, treadmill, and retail items, all of which reflect our basic philosophy. Our doggy daycare facility is 5000 sq. ft. of indoor space and 4000 sq.ft.of outdoor space, with the dogs divided by size and temperament. Indoors we have soft rubber flooring, comfy beds, and agility equipment. Outdoors we have play pools and playground equipment.

Support: Waggy Tails is a crucial supporter of hart. They are one of hart's behavioral partners, provide a donation drop location for supporters, organize events, and volunteer in every capacity imaginable. 


780 Kennels | 780-887-8805 |

Company Profile: 780 Dog Training specializes in training aggressive dogs large & small. 780 Dog Training also understands & caters to the special needs of rescue dogs. Results are immediate and long lasting because we empower YOU.

Support: 780 Kennels provides behavioral assistance to hart's tough behavioral cases.